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次反応速度定数2) 3.8×10^9 (3.8E+9)3)4) L/mol/s 5) pH=?

(1The role of the DMPO-hydrated electron spin adduct in DMPO-.OH spin trapping
Madden KP, Taniguchi H., Free Radical Biology and Medicin, 30 (12), 1374-1380 (2001).
(2k2次反応速度定数Second order rate constants リットル毎モル毎秒, (物理量).
buxton et'al, j. phys. chem. ref. data, 17, 659 vol.17,(1988).
oh radical formation by photolysis of aqueous porphyrin solution. a spin trapping and e.s.r. study. faraggi, m., carmichael, a., and rieze, p., int. j. radiat. biol. relat. stud. phys. chem. med., 703-713, vol.46,(1984).
(5リットル毎モル毎秒L・mol-1・s-12次反応速度定数, (単位).